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Pears is the only service built specifically for you and your most important person to share as one. Public profiles here are for two people to share worldwide, instantly.

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Profiles on Pears are built for two, by two. Collect and share your best moments and let us make them into beautiful, shareable stories that show your unique relationship. Check out some of our featured couples to see their stories.

Ryan & Sam
Moyock, NC  and Lumberton, NC 
Chris & Brittany
Huntsville, TX
Colby & Rachel
Norman, OK  and Moore, OK 
Geovanni & Zelzin
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, MX
Vanessa & Sean
Orlando, FL  and Chicago, IL 
Emiel & Alyce
The Netherlands, NL  and England, GB 
Cecilia & Steve
Fullerton, CA  and Fontana, CA 
Marc & Rachel
Roseburg, OR
Reece & Erika
London, England, GB  and Worcester, MA 
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